McKenzie treatment: specialised care for back and neck pain.

If you suffer from chronic lower back pain, sciatica, or neck pain, our 360º approach to your health and well-being provides a tried-and-tested solution that helps you recover faster.

As part of your personal plan, your team may recommend McKenzie treatment.

This clinically proven method helps to assess and evaluate your movement, by focusing on imbalances and movement irregularities in areas that are causing pain. It also examines how your body moves and how that movement changes over time, and under load or stress.

This allows your team to develop a highly personalised series of exercises that help improve your spinal mobility and posture. As part of your treatment, we’ll also help you understand why certain areas are painful and what you can do to self-manage your symptoms at home.

As one of the only three registered McKenzie therapists in London, Ant Brightwell is an accredited specialist in this field.

How it works

The McKenzie method consists of three simple steps: evaluation, treatment and prevention.

We begin your treatment with a methodical evaluation that locates areas of imbalance. This can involve repeated movements or a series of sustained positions.

Your specialist will next prescribe a series of exercises that encourage you to maintain the right posture, and help to reduce long-term pain. In some instances, they may also apply corrective, hands-on techniques, until you can self-manage.

Unlike other exercises for treating lower back pain, this method minimises your symptoms through a cautious progression of repeated forces and loads. While these exercises may be uncomfortable at first, repetition will help to alleviate pain.

To help you completely recover from pain, our prevention stage provides a routine of regular home exercise and self-care. This daily self-management allows you to progress at your own pace and accelerate your recovery.

Benefits for your body

McKenzie treatment is globally-recognised as a leading treatment for:

  • Back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Arm and leg pain

As part of our wider 360º approach to treatment, this method can also help with:

  • Muscle strengthening
  • Stability
  • Restoring your range of motion

While McKenzie treatment is not necessarily the best option for those suffering from acute lower back pain, there is good evidence to suggest that it is effective for people living with chronic lower back pain.

With a wide range of therapies in one place, expertise in multiple disciplines and none of the usual limits on session time, our 360º approach provides you with the best possible chance of recovery.

Is McKenzie treatment right for you?

If you’ve had back surgery, or a serious spinal condition, such as a spinal fracture, this treatment might not be right for you.

Discover how McKenzie Treatment can help with these common problems.

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