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What should I wear? What do I need to bring with me?

We request you wear clothes that you are able to move freely in, like activewear or something loose-fitting. If it is necessary, we may ask you to expose the area of your body we are treating, so make sure the clothes you’re wearing allow you do to do so comfortably, where possible.  For example, wearing shorts for a knee injury or a vest for a shoulder injury is always best, however we also have towels you can cover yourself with if needed.

What do I need from my insurance?

If you are planning to use private healthcare, we request that you speak to your insurance company in advance to obtain pre-authorisation for your physiotherapy treatment. For us to bill your appointments directly to your insurance company, we will require a unique authorisation code, along with your membership/policy number. For specific instructions on the process (dependent on your insurance company), please see our insurance page.

If you do not have private healthcare, you are more than welcome to self-fund your treatment with us.

How many sessions will I need?

Every patient’s condition is unique, so because of this it’s impossible to give a standard answer. The number of sessions you’ll need to treat your condition will depend on the results of your assessment and can be answered more accurately by your physiotherapist following your initial consultation. We treat each case uniquely and as an evolving process, but rest assured that as we progress through your treatment pathway, your physiotherapist will continue to update you on the plan.

Are you still open as normal during COVID-19?

Yes, we are open for face-to-face consultations with new procedures to ensure both you and our staff are safe. We are also still offering e-consultations should you not be able to come into the clinic. Read more about our new COVID-19 health and safety procedures.

How long will my session be?

We aim to eliminate the typical time constraints of appointments with our unique 360 degree model at Spectrum. Your initial session with us will always be longer, as we perform a full assessment before starting you on your treatment pathway. As a rough guide we estimate the first session will last around 60 minutes and most follow ups between 30 and 45 minutes, however we can be flexible to accommodate any time constraints you may have. In saying that, our 360 degree approach is designed for  you to get the maximum out of each session, so please allow as much time as possible.

Will I get treatment in my first appointment or is it just an assessment?

Yes, you will always start a treatment plan as part of your initial consultation with us.

I have multiple injuries; do I need to tell you this when booking my first appointment?

Ideally providing us with a brief summary of all your injuries is useful when booking. If you are hoping to use your private health insurance, it is best to ensure you have pre-authorisation for each of your concerns so that we can bill your insurance company appropriately for your different concerns. This is also important should we need to escalate one of your concerns for scan or to see a specialist consultant.