An approach built around you

Spectrum is a 360º approach to physiotherapy that places you, your injury and your body goals at the centre of everything we do.

We look beyond the symptoms to see the wider picture, then combine specialists in different disciplines, the latest technology and uncompromising care and attention, to create a one-off treatment plan. So you recover faster, grow stronger and move on.

We see you, not your injury.

Many conventional physiotherapy sessions concentrate solely on your symptoms. But your journey with us begins by building a fuller picture of your life and what you want to achieve from your treatment. We also take into account the mental and social factors that could have contributed to your injury, your day-to-day routines, your habits and your posture. This allows us to outline a focused plan of action that fast-tracks your recovery and helps you become stronger every day.

Your goals. Your treatment.

Your body is unique. So we will never try and impose a treatment plan upon you, or dictate what your quality of life should be. Our aim is always to focus on what you want from the process. And whether you already have an injury, or are looking to prevent one, we’ll help you take the next step forward.

A team of specialists. No extra cost.

For decades treatment has meant one patient, one therapist, and a fixed 30-minute session. However, at Spectrum there are no limits to how many therapists you can see in one session, or constraints on session time. Our multidisciplinary team are on hand to offer whichever treatment you need, whenever you need it – at no extra cost. And by working together towards your goals, we can bring you a world of specialist knowledge and a better chance of achieving a pain-free future, faster.

A clear plan from day one.

We believe it’s important to let you know how long treatment will take, and give you a clear step-by-step guide from the outset, to help you measure your progress. We’re equally open when it comes to explaining what our treatment involves, and take time to explain why your body is in pain, and how each procedure works.

How we can help you

From back and neck pain, and postural problems to pre and post-op rehabilitations, our specialists can treat many conditions.

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With our free face-to-face video consultation service, you can discuss your needs with one of our expert physios from the comfort of your own home.

They’ll help you start your journey from your smartphone or laptop, and guide you through the steps to recovery.

How it works…

Our specialists contact you at a pre-agreed time and talk to you face to face over your smartphone or laptop.

We may ask you to use the camera on your phone, tablet or laptop to photograph any visible symptoms you may have, before or during the consultation.

Your physio may ask you to feel or move any body parts you are concerned about, to help them with their assessment.

From start to finish, you’ll have the reassurance of knowing that you’re talking to someone who is ready to listen and understand your concerns and issues, helping you manage your symptoms in the best possible way.

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The leader in proactive physiotherapy

Physiotherapy used to be solely about fixing your problems and responding to existing injures and needs. It was 100% reactive.

Then came Spectrum. We prefer a proactive approach that helps to prevent future problems and isolate weaknesses that could potentially cause problems in later life. It’s a vision of treatment that looks beyond the immediate problem to understand the cause, and considers the areas in which you want to improve.

If, for example, you’re suffering knee pain, we take time to examine the causes of that pain, from surrounding joints and body posture, to joint overload. This big-picture thinking allows us to look at your body as a whole. Then, to create treatment plans that help you to recover in the short-term and become stronger in future.

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