Guided exercise: recover faster. Stay injury-free.

Whether you’re suffering from an injury, recovering from surgery or an athlete looking to stay injury-free, our 360º approach to your health and well-being can help you to address and relieve your symptoms, optimise your movement and recover faster.

As part of your personalised treatment plan, your team may recommend guided exercise.

At our London clinic, you’ll have access to a full gym of specialised equipment designed to help you hit the ground running. You’ll also benefit from a highly personalised service that reflects your body mechanics, fitness, flexibility and exercise goals.

As part of your treatment, we develop a personalised homework exercise programme using a convenient app called TrackActive. This allows our specialists to guide your recovery, monitor your progress and regularly update your exercise/rehab programme, as you get stronger.

How it works

At the start of your 360º treatment plan, your team will carry out a comprehensive biomechanical assessment that analyses your mobility and movement, and identifies key areas.

This helps our specialists to determine the goal of your exercise programme – whether that is improving balance and co-ordination, strengthening, stretching, or mastering full body movements.

We then create a tailor-made exercise plan, that includes weight-based or bodyweight, cardiorespiratory and balance training.

Depending on your requirements, this programme may start with active stretching, followed by range-of-motion contractions and extensions that begin slowly and gradually increase in intensity. Or alternatively, start with greater intensity and focus on body mechanics and movement.

Our aim is always to work within your limits, avoid extremes and balance activity with periods of rest. And your dedicated team will always be on hand with step-by-step guidance, to help you make the most of every activity.

Benefits for your body

As part of a bespoke treatment plan, a well-structured guided exercise programme can help you:

  • Prepare for the rigours of surgery (prehabilitation)
  • Speed up your rehabilitation
  • Improve movement, mobility and muscle strength
  • Restore your balance
  • Boost your athletic performance and overall fitness
  • Bulletproof your technique
  • Achieve your goals quicker

With a wide range of therapies in one place, expertise in multiple disciplines and none of the usual limits on session time, our 360º approach provides you with the best possible chance of recovery.

Is guided exercise right for you?

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