How using a Game Ready Ice unit can accelerate your recovery

Spectrum’s philosophy is a little different to your average physio clinic. For one, we don’t stick to set session times – your session will go for as long as you need to get the treatment we feel will have the greatest impact on your injury or condition. It’s also likely that you’ll have more than one type of treatment (for example a combination of therapies like manual manipulation, McKenzie therapy, and dry needling) per session, at no extra cost. And, you may be seen by more than one of our team of specialists within the one appointment, subject to the types of treatment you’re undergoing.

But another unique thing about our approach to physio is the fact we embrace the latest technologies available to help speed up your recovery. And one of the most effective and diverse of these therapies is the Game Ready ice/ compression unit.

What is Game Ready and what is it used for?

Game Ready is a registered unit that offers both ice and compression treatment at the same time to reduce swelling, stiffness or pain. Game Ready can be used in conjunction with other therapies, especially as preparation for treatments that have the potential to be painful (like shockwave therapy) or as a standalone treatment.

It is used by many professional sporting clubs and elite athletes around the UK as a treatment for muscle or joint injuries. But as a physio clinic, we also use Game Ready post-surgery when swelling and stiffness are evident, for example after a knee replacement.

Game Ready Ice Machine

How does Game Ready work?

When an area of your body is suffering from inflammation, the best way to reduce swelling and bruising is through a combination of both compression and cold. Game Ready allows you to reach much deeper tissue than you could from manual compression and icing, meaning the healing process is both more effective and faster.

Game Ready comes with a range of different sized compression sleeves that can be applied to various body parts, contouring with the shape of your body to maximise the effects. The system then continuously circulates cold water from the control unit, through the sleeve and back again. This creates a loop of iced water, which delivers continuous cold therapy to the injured area, while removing heat and reducing inflammation.

At the same time, the control unit pumps air into the separate, outer chamber of the wrap, which helps to limit and prevent swelling.

Game Ready Ice Arm Treatment

Is Game Ready expensive?

At Spectrum, Game Ready is one of the treatments that makes up part of our unique 360º approach. Because of this, we don’t charge an extra fee on top of our standard treatment fee, as all our treatment options can be included when we create a personalised treatment plan for a client.

But, we can also offer a standalone Game Ready appointment if that is something that someone has been specifically referred for.

To find out whether Game Ready and other physiotherapy treatments are covered by your insurance, you should speak to your insurance provider about your specific situation.

Does Game Ready sound like it could be part of a treatment plan that would reduce pain and encourage healing for you?

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